Pass your predictive index assessment with ease

Be it the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment, or the PI Cognitive Assessment, this website can help you prepare & cope with stress 100% for free!

*Disclaimer: This website is not owned by, nor affiliated with the Predictive Index company. It is a free tool for the community of stressed candidates who are preparing for a PI assessment and/or a Wonderlic test.

" is actually ideal when an assessment taker is trained or familiar with the PI Learning Indicator item types, as it gives the company the best possible insight into the candidate’s true potential."
Official PI source

your personality on the stake?

I know what a daunting test this can be as I’ve done it myself. Having your personality examined by others is never fun, but I provide some remedy that I’m sure will help!

Train your brain for a cognitive workout

The PI Cognitive Assessment can be even more stressful than the personality assessment. But luckily there’s much you can do to take control over your score. 

Prep for the Wonderlic

I’ve also taken the Wonderlic test, which is very similar to the PI cognitive assessment. Check out this page to learn all about this test.

What's this website?

I am Lara, a regular person, a survivor of job assessments who the felt an urge to spread the word! Here you can find invaluable resources that will help you prepare for any predictive index assessment. 

how can this website help?

Free advice

I've collected every possible piece of information on each predictive index assessment, to shortcut the process for the community. I'm not an expert, but I quote the right sources 🙂

Free practice

I wrote and collated some practice resources to put things in a clear light and to give you a better understanding of what a Predictive Index assessment is like. This is free and will always be free.

Believe in yourself

You can pass any PI assessment successfully. It's all about preparation and the right mindset. Read my articles, make use of the resources I created and/or refer to, and I'm sure you'll see an improvement. The cliche really does work, and you know what makes perfect...

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