PI Cognitive Assessment Scores Explained

Learn everything you need about your PI cognitive assessment score. Including score conversion tables, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

PI Cognitive Assessment Score Report Structure

See the image below, which is the score report I received from the HR team a few days after taking the assessment at home.



  • Correct: how many correct answers I got out of 50.
  • Score: This is a scaled score, on a range of 100-450
  • Percentile: This is how well I did in comparison to the population (better than 86% of candidates)

Below is how the employer will see your score in their system. The suitcase bar indicates the target score they had set for the job, which in this case is just above the average. The blue human icon bar is the score of a sample candidate. In this case, the sample candidate scored higher than the target score. It still doesn’t mean they will be selected…they may be overqualified, and/or there are other factors, other than the PI cognitive assessment score, which will affect the qualification process. For example, the PI behavioural assessment results.

pi cognitive assessment score target

Score Conversion Graph

The graph below helps match between raw scores, scale scores, and percentiles.

pi cognitive assessment score conversion

The vertical orange line is the average raw score (20/50) which corresponds with a scale score of 250 and the 50th percentile.

The vertical green line represents the score 27/50, which corresponds with a scale score of 320 and the 80th percentile. Any score from here and above will be considered a competitive score. 

Get Answers to All Your Questions

Will I be penalized for wrong answers?

No, you won’t. The PI cognitive assessment only looks at the amount of correct answers. 

What's the average score on the PI cognitive assessment?

The average score is 20 correct answers out of 50. This translates to a scaled score of 250 out of 450. 


What is a good score on the PI cognitive assessment ?

That’s a tricky question, as per each job, the employer will set a different target score. I think you should simply prepare in advance, do your best on the test, and hope for good.

What if I got a worse score than I thought?

If you’ve done worse than your expectations, you should talk about it with your recruiter/employer and kindly request to be re-assessed. 

Will I know my score right after completing the assessment?

I’m not sure you can count on that. I, for example, didn’t, and I had to wait for an update from the HR team.

Who will see my score?

Your PI cognitive assessment score will be seen by hiring managers/recruiters who asked you to take it and that’s it. In fact, there might be cases in which even you won’t be told your exact score. Employers sometimes prefer keeping this information confidential, so that employees don’t start comparing each other and making judgements.

What happens if the scores of round 1 and 2 don't match?

Well, it depends. If you scored higher on the 2nd attempt then all is good! If you score lower, it depends how low in comparison to the first attempt. A big, negative gap between two scores will very likely  raise questions about your credibility, and you might be marked as a cheater.  

Is there a percentile score per each # of correct answers?

Yes there is. This information is available on the PI website. Just search for PI cognitive assessment score conversion table, or see the list of resources at the bottom of this page.

External Links about PI Cognitive Assessment Scores

  1. Score conversion table. Here you can convert your raw score and scale score into a percentile score to see exactly how well you did in comparison to the population of candidates.
  2.  More information on the PI cognitive assessment. This can help you understand how employers use this tool.