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If you were invited to take the Wonderlic, be sure to check out all the helpful resources I have below! This helpful guide includes  a short practice test, sample questions by topic, tips, and other free resources. All brought to you by a candidate who aced the test!

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Sample Questions

A challenge test and example questions for all Wonderlic sections

Scores explained

Understand what your score would look like


Answering FAQs and giving best practices to get your desired score

Free Practice tests

A list of free tests on the internet that could really help you.

Wonderlic Quick Facts

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a classic cognitive ability test that many employers use as a screening device during the hiring process. The test is used to assess your problem solving abilities and how well you perform under pressure.

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Even More Wonderlic Questions Explained

General Knowledge

This section just tests general everyday knowledge, like if you know the months of the year or basic geography. While you probably know the months of the year by now, there are also some slightly trickier questions in this section that focus on idioms and their meanings. 

Which of the following is the latest date?

A. June 4, 1986
B. January 27, 1986
C. May 3, 1986
D. June 9, 1985
E. August 17, 1985

Answer: The correct answer is A. June 4, 1986 is the latest of these dates. 

Abstract Reasoning

This section of the test focuses on non-verbal things, such as how good you are at recognizing patterns and being able to understand how different shapes and figures relate to each other. 

Which figure comes next in the sequence?

wonderlic abstract reasoning

Answer: The correct answer is C. There are two patterns to recognize here. First, the number of black dots alternates between one and two. This means the missing box will have one dot. Second, the number of triangles increases by one in each box. This means the missing box will have five triangles. This makes C the correct answer.

Verbal Reasoning

This section tests your grasp of the English language and some general reasoning skills. There are a lot of question types, including analogies, vocabulary, grammar, and deductive reasoning. 

Which THREE of the following words have similar meanings?

A. Ardent
B. Irate
C. Passionate 
D. Avid
E. Elegant

Answer: The correct answers are A, C, and D. All three of these words mean enthusiastic. 

Numerical Reasoning

This section of the test assesses your basic math skills. There are four basic question types: word problems, number series, number patterns, and fractions. You can’t use a calculator, so be sure to have some scratch paper ready! 

What is the next number in the series?

25   52    26   54   ?

A. 24
B. 27
C. 56
D. 55
E. 50

Answer: The correct answer is B, 27. The pattern from the first to the second number is that the first number is doubled, and then 2 is added to it. 25 x 2 is 50, plus 2 gives you 52. From the second to the third number, it is simply divided by 2: 52/2 is 26. Then the first pattern repeats again: 26 x 2 is 52, plus 2 is 54. This means that the the next number will be 54/2, which is 27.

The Wonderlic has lots of different question types, and you’ll have to learn how to do them all very quickly! 50 questions in 12 minutes is no easy feat, so you have to be prepared going in.

Free Practice Resources

There are a lot of practice resources around the web, some which I found helpful when I was preparing for my test. I’ve compiled a short list here that may be helpful for your own studying needs:

Tips & Answering Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Wonderlic score mean?

There are two main things to focus on with your Wonderlic score: first, your raw score, which is just the number of questions you got right out of 50. Second, your percentile score shows how you performed in comparison to other candidates.

What is a good score on the Wonderlic?

The average score is a 20/50, so you’ll definitely want to aim to score above that. What is considered “good” may vary though, as employers and specific positions will require different scores. More competitive positions will likely require scores of 30 and above.

How do I pass the Wonderlic?

Here are some quick tips for success on the Wonderlic:

  1. Practice makes perfect! Preparing for this test can only improve your score.
  2. Preparing is nothing to be ashamed of – employers prefer that you do, in fact.
  3. Take timed practice tests to get used to the short time limit.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and just try to feel your best on test day.
  5. Spend a maximum of 25 seconds on a question, then just move on to the next one.

Can I use a calculator on the Wonderlic?

Nope. You’ll have to brush up on your basic arithmetic skills, and get used to doing some quick math on a piece of scratch paper. It’s important that you get your brain used to doing these kinds of calculations, because you won’t have time to waste during the test. Be sure to review your multiplication tables and basic fractions and percentages.

Wonderlic Test Scores

  • Your score is based on the number of questions you answered correctly out of 50. This is called your raw score. A 50 is a perfect raw score.
  • On the WPT-Q, the shorter version, each question is worth 1.66 points, so if you got all 30 correct, your perfect score would still be 50.
  • The raw score is converted to a percentile score, which shows how you performed relative to other test takers.
  • The average score is 20/50.
  • There’s no negative scoring, so feel free to guess!

Read more about Wonderlic scores.

Believe in Yourself - You can improve!

  • In addition to preparing for all of the different question types, you also need to be psychologically prepared for the stress of a timed test.
  • Get into the right mindset and don’t give up!
  • Check out the comment section below and feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.

Good luck!

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